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Interfacing mobile data management devices

SzAPporta Ltd. offers two solutions for interfacing the mobile devices used by the Customer (e.g. PDA: Personal Digital Assistant, portable bar code readers, RF: Radio frequency trucks, etc.):

A SAP Net Weaver based solution offering a device-independent solution for interfacing SAP and Mobile devices. It is reached by basing the operation on Java environment and if the device is capable for the use of this run-time environment, then the SAP connection is also operable.

Our experiences show that the device to be interfaced should have an extra memory area of min. 10 MB in excess of its operating system!

SAP also delivers ready transactions for this product e.g.:

  • Mobile sales with portable devices (MSAHH Mobile Sales for Handheld).

We undertake the development of customized transactions as well as the interfacing of Mobile devices with this device.


For implementing the connection between the SAP system and the RF (radio frequency) terminals the Teklogix company developed the software device called TEKConsole™, which enables the efficient implementation of SAP transactions through the RF devices. The TEKConsole™ software is capable for implementing application-specific solutions as well, and SzAPporta Ltd. developed customized, optimized transactions for the given task.

Main advantages of the solution:

  • The terminals can be supervised centrally from the TEKConsole™ server.
  • Even the most special needs (checking field contents and relationships, generating acoustic signals etc.) can be met with Visual Basic program
  • All SAP transactions can be implemented in this environment.
  • Systems of large number of terminals can be operated at high stability (our references e.g.: Audi 80 RF terminal, Warehouse of Coop in Szolnok 70 terminals, Richter Gedeon Rt. 30 pcs RF and 20 pcs stationary terminals etc.)

We can supply the ready made solution distributed jointly with ANTRA ID Ltd., that is we ensure the efficient implementation and operation of both the hardware and software part.

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