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Software system controlling stock handling in high warehouses

This system is based on the SAP WM (Warehouse Management System) module and schedules instructions for deposit and withdrawal in high warehouses created in SAP and transmits them to radio-controlled trolleys for execution.

Tasks performed:

  • It processes the transport orders created in SAP.
  • It breaks SAP transport orders down to manageable parts and monitors their execution.
  • It handles buffer areas – even by storage bins.
  • It sends receipt to SAP about the executed TR tasks.
  • It provides background service for the packaging line.
  • It handles data incoming from RF terminals.
  • It maps subtasks for counterpoint transport orders.
  • It handles the joint transfer of several identifiers on the trolley. (Management of mobile transfer points with capacity)
  • It monitors and checks capacities located at transferring positions.
  • It handles alternative routes (selection of the first executable alternative).
  • It provides background service for the packaging line using the SAP transport orders for it.

Reviewing the complicated and time-consuming tasks we have successfully solved, we can state that the introduction of this eminently important development should be considered seriously by every company operating a busy high warehouse.

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