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Bank interfaces

Bank or more precisely bank terminal interfaces ensure that on one hand outgoing data files may be created in SAP to be imported into the bank terminal and on other hand transactional data files coming from the bank terminal may be received by SAP.

An individual software has been developed for the outgoing bank interface so that a flexible operation adjustable to both the requirements of banks and special company conditions can be ensured with maximum safety.

The software downloads the outgoing data file from SAP after running the payment software in the FI module.

It packages the following items of demand into a file of proper format:

  • supplier or probably employee payments posted or commissioned
  • items of credit memos of customers or consumers.

The program works in FI and FI-CA areas as well.

The electronic statements of accounts received from the bank terminal are processed through file conversion. During the conversion the statement data may be completed or searches may be performed on the different system data.

Following the conversion, a standard processing is started which makes an intelligent attempt to post and at the same time provides a really suitable interface for manually posting items that cannot be posted automatically.

For utility companies, the software is also available in the FI-CA area and is capable of handling both PEK and GROUP files.

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