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Screening and reengineering business processes

This service could probably have been mentioned at the top of the list. According to our experience, the rationalisation of business processes may serve as the most powerful source of company development. It focuses on the analysis of existing business processes or on the exploration of its malfunctions if you like. It is followed by the elaboration of a model optimally meeting the demands of the individual organisational units.

We take special care that the elaborated integrated system will inherit the advantages of the existing system.

This service involves the elaboration and documentation of an optimised business process system in all areas of company activities or in those covered by screening. The result will be

  • a company operating more efficiently
  • managers possessing the necessary information for decision making
  • and on the whole, a more competitive company

Our experts have completed successful screening and reengineering projects in all areas of the economy except in the defence industry. Find details in the reference list.

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