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Individual developments in ABAP environment

This service is in connection with installation of a new SAP system or the development of an already existing one.

During the project we cooperate with company experts and we aim at a system that in their final form should fully meet the customer’s individual demands.

This means that the standard software will be tailored to specific company demands. With the proper expertise, this can be done because SAP is a system with an open source code and it is developed in ABAP/4 fourth generation programming language.

SAP offers a standardised solution to the implementation of integrated company planning and analysis in all areas.

If the specific needs of the company are not fulfilled by the standard software, we can provide the tools for efficient company operations to the finest detail through individual development.

Individual developments are done by our experienced software developer/programming team in ABAP/4 language in cooperation with consultants in the area concerned. This programming language has the advantage of offering easy access to internal SAP data and giving the opportunity of developing a uniform interface.

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