SAP NAV online

Invoices are sent directly from SAP to the NAV interface. The main advantage of our solution is that it does not require the operation of an external intermediate system, but handles the submission of invoices purely in SAP. We use the SAP invoice print feature to control submission, ensuring that the information on the invoice is submitted.

We have also prepared NAV Online version 2.0 and have started to install the new version with partners.
Pricing for our solution is not transaction-based, but we have a basic license fee and a client-specific implementation fee.

SAP ITS Mobile Application Development

We have been doing SAP mobile developments for logistics systems for several years. We recommend this technology to all our clients for PDA application developments, as it enables implementation of device independent applications. The Windows mobile application environment is no longer supported and Android based applications will come to the forefront in this area, and this development technology will support the change in the operating system market. This ensures that the developed applications can be used for a long time, that is, they are stable by time and value.

ZEBRA Industrial Browsing Experience in SAP ITS Solutions

As one of the largest ISV partners, we are developing our solutions that leverage the capabilities of SAP combined with software and mobile tools provided by ZEBRA. Our great advantage over other SAP development companies is that we can deliver optimal hardware software solutions to meet your needs. In the Zebra Industry Browser SAP-specific features have implemented that support the efficient implementation of SAP applications in this environment. Newer versions of the Industry Browser are continually expanding with SAP support features, increasing the usability of applications developed in this environment. This enables users needs to be met at ever higher level.

SAP E-Invoice

We have a configurable solution for sending E-invoices directly from SAP, including authenticated timestamp requests, electronic signatures, and sending by direct e-mail as well. The solution can be configured time dependently for each customer whether sending paper or electronic invoice. A document attached to the invoice can be sent, so the fulfillment certificate or the document related to the special fulfillment can be attached according to the customer’s requirements. Of course, the attachment of documents can also be configured to meet customer needs.

On demand the solution can also be used together with our SAP NAV online 2.0 solution.
This solution has been successfully used by many Hungarian great companies for many years.

SAP Fixed Asset Inventory supported by RF

Our configurable box solution for inventorying SAP fixed assets is supported by RF (Radio Frequency scanner) devices. The solution includes inventory taking, evaluation, and derecognition.

During the implementation we can assist with loading of opening data and with SAP settings for better applicability, if needed. The big advantage of this solution is that it is applicable not only online mode under network coverage, but also in batch mode. The solution is implemented in an SAP system and relies on SAP data, eliminating the need for external software and databases.

Implementation is well plannable because inventory functions are already available and after needs assessment the best solution can be tailored to the customer’s needs.
Our inventory solution is used by many large corporations and public institutions, and we manage the inventory data of more than 180,000 fixed assets in our inventory system.

SAP Euro Conversion /Changing Company Currency/

Using SAP’s standard changeover package, we exchange the company’s currency to another currency, typically from HUF to EUR. SAP uses a migration method, which we follow in this type of project.

The main steps of this methodology are as follows:

1. Run checks for a particular company of the SAP system, which will identify the errors that can prevent the executing the conversion.

2. Repair based on error analysis. Since we have done nine conversions so far, we know the typical errors and how to fix them, and we have a lot of experience in this.

3. Run a test conversion to check:

  • Fixes were correct.
  • Is conversion lead time acceptable? / should we optimize runtime?
  • Checking Post-Conversion Accounting Data

4. Running and Verifying Second Test Conversion

5. Creating Conversion Plan by Hour details

6. Performing Live Conversion.

The size of the largest SAP system database we converted was over 3.5 TB and contained 65 companies.

View currency conversion information »

SAP EKAER / Electronic Road Traffic Control System / Solution

A configurable solution to user needs that includes direct communication to the NAV website /EKAER number request, license plate modification, cancellation of request, etc. / as well as automation of the process, tracking of notifications, receipt of delivery note data.

Watch a video on the automatic EKAER application process »

Watch the video on the manual EKAER application process »

SAP Mobile Technologies

We have extensive experience in SAP RF and Mobile technologies, so we can provide the solution that best suits our customers’ needs.  In addition, we can help Hungarian subsidiaries using external SAP in using Mobile technologies and to develop these mobile technologies.

So far, we have worked and gained experience in the following SAP Mobile technologies:

  • SAPConsole »
  • WEB Console
  • Teklogix /MIS/
  • SAP ITS »

SAP Business Year Period Adjustment

The SAP business year version can be modified at the end of the year, for example. do not have to close the year on December 31st, but eg. on March 31. In SAP, a year change may be required to change the period, and the new business year period may begin.

We have the right experience for this technical transition, which covers both accounting and logistics modules.

Providing SAP compliance with Hungarian law

Providing SAP compliance with Hungarian compliance requires additional developments to SAP standard solutions such as in the case of accounting in EURO the VAT returns must also be prepared in FT and VAT rates must be managed. The compliance must provide the following features e.g.

  • Online Invoice submission,
  • Servicing Freight Rules according EKAER system,
  • client specific implementation of the NAV Audit report.

Szapporta Kft. is one of the SAP consulting firms that has its own solution for these tasks.

We have participated in several rollout projects and gained a great deal of experience in setting up Hungarian specifications in SAP. You have to be prepared for needs like: VAT date management for continuous fulfillment, managing residual value for fixed asset module, etc

Custom Solutions in SAP Logistics System

We have gained great experience in installing high-complexity warehouse systems based on SAP WM and we have always delivered customized developments. These have been optimized in terms of handling and performance points of view. Our experience shows that there are areas in a logistics system where the standard transactions are not suitable and process-optimized transactions are worth using, such as order picking, special production service etc.

During developing our customized solutions our most important solutions are the following:

  • Controlling PLCs and connecting them to SAP
  • Direct control of packing lines from SAP
  • Realization of inventory processes in SAP with RFID
  • Online display of SAP PP module data on production displays, production tracking
  • Processing data in SAP received from RFID gates
  • Optimization of forklift tasks with automatic job assignment